Visiting Sangnok Resort Aquapia [Cheonan]


Hi Hi Hi,

In this post, I write the experience about my visit to a waterpark in Cheonan, South Korea. Last week, it was very hot in Korea. Thus, I decided to go to a waterpark in Cheonan area on Satuday (8/20). The name is Sangnok Resort Aquapia. It is a resort complex and it does not only have the waterpark but also golf course, hotel, and theme park. When I went there, it was very hot to play in the theme park so there was a notice that the theme park was opened at night. However, I think the waterpark is the most attractive place here. Lots of people come to the waterpark for run away from the hot weather, mostly family.

How to go?

To go there, I need to go bus from my place (Incheon). We can take intercity bus and arrive at Cheonan bus terminal. From the bus terminal, we can take the city bus (No. 500) to arrive at the Sangnok resort. It takes around 1 hour from the bus terminal to the resort. When I took the bus, there were not many people so that I could take a seat. Based on my observation, not many people like me who take the public transportation to the waterpark. They ride their own car with their family. Below are the photos of the location to take the bus at the bus terminal.



Before entering the waterpark, we should buy the ticket for each person. There are several steps which might be different with the waterpark in Indonesia (However, I forgot when the last time I went to the waterpark in Indonesia. haha). To get enter the waterpark, you must follow these things:

  • You must not bring wet food inside the waterpark
  • You must not bring water bottle
  • You must wear swimsuit to ride the water slide
  • You must wear swim cap or baseball cap to get inside the pool
  • You must bring your own towel

Because we cannot bring our pocket inside the waterpark, we should buy the coin band (there are 30.000 won, 50.000 won, and 100.000 won). While inside the waterpark, we can use the band for every payment. The remaining money inside the band can be returned when we go outside the waterpark.

After buying the band, we enter the fitting room to change our clothes. We got one locker for each person. Near the fitting room, there are shower room (with free soap) and toilet. In the fitting room, there is free plastic bag to put our wet clothes inside.

Finally, after preparing ourselves, we can get inside to the waterpark. It consists of two area : indoor and outdoor. In outdoor area, there are child pool, youth pool and X-wave slide. For adult, we only can play the X-wave slider outside. By using tube for two people, we can ride this slide. The feeling here is like Viking attraction in the theme park. In indoor area, there are more slides and pools (Wave pool and lazy pool). The slides are Master Blaster, Tube Slide and Body Slides (Two variant). The Master Blaster is the ride for two people using a tube. You should find your own partner as most people have their own partner. haha. The tube slide is the slide using a tube (We should take the tube before going upstair). There are two variant of the body slide. One (the blue one), there is some light that we can see and the another one (the red one), there is no light we can see. The wave pool is run for twenty minutes every hour.

The best thing here is that not many people take the slides so that the waiting time is fewer than other waterparks. This is because most people are families, and i think they enjoy the pool more than the slides. For each slide, I think that it has each own thriller experience. I recommend to try it by yourselves.


Below is the promoting video of Sangnok Aquapia :


After I finished playing at the waterpark, I come back to Incheon. Thus are my story about my visit to the waterpark. I hope you enjoy it. See you at my next posting (Might be in English, Might be in Indonesian).





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