Human Brain, Machine Learning and What Will Happen In Future Artificial Intelligence – Reiven Chandra Hamid

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For the past century our lives has been greatly improved. From the simplest things like how our lifestyle changes from era to era to the health improvement and development in technology, especially when it comes to computer-related stuffs. Nowadays, the 21st century we’re living now, already got to the point where everything are being embedded with AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) technology. Before your mind wonders through different conception of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence is a term commonly used in the world of computer science to describe how machines can think rationally, act rationally, think humanly, and act humanly (J. Russell & Norvig, 2016). Examples of AI are around us everyday. You have an iPhone? Siri is one of AI application for that. How about your video suggestions on YouTube? It is also has AI in it. We can’t deny the facts that AI has greatly makes our life easier and more comfortable since they can do things more efficiently, but the feels itself comes with a certain catch, that is,  the fear of one day AI can overthrown human lives.

            But fear not, for AI will never overthrown our lives. AI will definitely helps us a lot, but can never overtake our role as a human. And that is what I can assure it to you. How’s so? If you guys watch each of the AI applications closely, none of them can perform other things that they weren’t tasked for in the first place. Take for instance, the face detection and recognition. Sure, it can detect our faces and can sometimes tells what info does our face have, but can it perform other things, let’s say like playing games? Unfortunately no. The reason is simple; field of expertise and total data provided. We as human processs trillions of data everyday and are able to differentiate each object provided on the data. Machine, on the other hand, struggled to just identify a single object even though they used a method called Machine Learning. Machine Learning itself is a category of algorithm that allows software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed (Rouse, 2018). In additional to the data provision for the machines, the storage that the machine had so far is still lesser compared to the storage which held in our brain. Scientists had speculated that our brain can hold out up to 2.5 petabyte,or around 2,500,000 gigabyte (Reber, 2010), whlist machine’s storage can only drives up until 100 terabyte, or around 100,000 gigabyte (Kingsley-Hughes, 2018).

            Now we have seen the flaws that machines still had, we also need to see the achievements of all those AI-implemented softwares. Recently, a newly found skin cancer has been successfully detected with the help of AI in terms of image recognition, while some of the best dermatologist can’t even detect it. Truthfully, this is a big leap for AI development since it doesn’t just save a person’s life, it’s also given a new accuracy needed to determined whether it is what is really is (for instance, the cat picture can be detected as a cat and not any other else by the machine). Furthermore, recently there’s a newly research about human gaining immortality through transferring their data from which was held in their brain unto some computer, which then the computer itself will be given new artificial yet long living body. In short, a robot with human mind.

This profound development yet crazy implementation of AI is indeed interesting, while the implementation of it itself has been seemingly doubtful. There are some reasons behind those doubts. The first one will be “You are you, but you aren’t the real you”. While this statement seems confusing, but keep this in mind. What we’re transferring to the computer is only the partial data that our brain had, since the lack of storage needed to store our full brain data. We know that robots can only imitate what our daily behaviour base on those data with the help of Machine Learning, but they can’t understand the expressive meaning of human emotion. Those robots will only become a living dead with human disguise that are far better at making best solution without considering other or its own emotion, which is our forte as humans. The second one will be “Opposition against the circle of life”. We know that there will be death awaits given that there’s a start in life. But when those things are implemented, we no longer have death, and the balance in the circle of life will crumble. Overpopulation if I might say that we all fear. The project will be estimated to be done by the time it reach 2045. Whether the project was successful or not, we can only see that Artificial Intelligence is growing at a vast pace and can only hope for the best that it will be develop for good use.

Nice article Reiven. Keep the good work!

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