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What happens, if you live in a world, where you don’t have to do repetitive things over and over again and let machine do the job for you. What if you live in a world, where no cars were driven by men, it drives itself, And perhaps it may reduce the percentage of traffic accident that happens in a year down to zero. And things like finance, security, stock markets, might become more efficient, due to the reductions of any chance of human error or perhaps perfect it. Will you live in the world like this ? where technological marvel perfects everyday life aspects ? Although it seems like a depiction from a great sci-fi movie, but believe me or not, it is coming closer to actualize it than we thought it would be. And perhaps you should be wondering, how do you achieve those things ?  well, the simplest answer would be Artificial Intelligence. Maybe most of you are familiar with this phrase, either you heard it from a seminar, a conference, from your lecture, or even, you heard it from a sci-fi movie. But there are some misconception about artificial intelligence, depends if you heard it from a non-academical sources.

In general, most of the misconceptions about artificial intelligence is that since technology do repetitive things much more faster, more efficient, and produce no humans error, people tends to think that it might replace human resources, and cut dozens of human labours, which increase the unemployment rate. Other misconceptions is that, since artificial intelligence tends to get smarter as it improves from the data sets that is given, artificial intelligence could learn of human mistake and thus it will hate humans and from that it creates a Supreme evil robot overlord, and many more. This misconceptions aren’t true, and perhaps it could inhibit the development of artificial intelligence to improve human lives. And thus we discuss what artificial intelligence is.

Artificial Intelligence or sometimes called as machine intelligence is a theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. things that are artificial intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, translation between languages, et cetera. the term artificial intelligence applied when a machine mimics a cognitive function of a human brain, such as problem solving and learning. the simplest way of how artificial intelligence works is by perceiving its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success of achieving its goals based on the calculated scores of the criteria in the environment. it maximize the chances of success by learning through data sets that’s provided by the user. in artificial intelligence, we call it as Machine Learning. Machine learning ease the user to update the improvement for the machine to learn. instead of code it’s improvement update one by one for each practice, machine learning will improve itself from every steps it takes, and from every practice data sets that the user provide. but you must be wondering, if the machine could learn, then will it learn of our bad behaviour and made a conclusion that human race are not perfect and the conclude to erase the entire human race by its perfectness and become machine evil overlords like in a great sci-fi movie ? or become a new human-intelligent individuals that has feeling?

well, the answer is… No. although artificial intelligence has the ability to learn and improve itself, it has its boundaries. A Research conducted by Noriko Arai, Director of Research Institute of Science for Education in National Institute of Informatics, Japan. She has done some testing that conduct an Artificial Intelligence to answer some “Jeopardy” questions. She notices that even though AI could learn, Artificial Intelligence will remain don’t know what it means. “Artificial Intelligence couldn’t read, but they are very good at searching and optimizing “ says Noriko Arai. Even though you give a billion data sets of English sentences for AI to practice it, it won’t understand its meaning. It only stores it and find in which the following Question match the answer in its maximum optimization. In other words, no matter how much you give information to the machine, it will never know what it means, perhaps it will best in optimizing some problems, but it will never build a creativity or think rationally like human do. And since AI could not think rationally and creatively, it doesn’t have any emotions to. This is the good part because, AI could do things much more faster and much more efficient, without being hampered with emotions and feelings. And since it is efficient and much more faster in optimizing than humans do, will it replace human jobs and vacancies ? the answer is yes, it will. But as technologies develop, so does human.

A quote from CEO of Kitty Hawk Corporation and Co-Founder of Udacity, Sebastian Thrun give opinions regarding the issue, he says :

“ the truth is for me AI has always been in augmentation of people , it’s been the occupation of us to make us stronger it’s been the combination of human smarts and machine smarts that make us stronger. The theme of machines making a stronger is as old as machines are agricultural revolution took place, because he made steam engines and farming equipment that couldn’t found by itself, they never replaced as made us stronger and I believe there’s no way for I they’ll make us much, much ,much stronger as a human race “

“everything successful in AI to the present date has been extremely specialized and it’s been thriving on a single idea which is massive amounts of data. The reason why “AlphaGo” works so well is because of massive number of Go plays, and “AlphaGo” can’t drive a car or play a fly a plane, the Google self-driving car or the Udacity self-driving car survives from massive amounts of data and it can’t do anything else they can’t even control a motorcycle. it’s a very specific domain specific function and the same is true for cancer app there has been almost no progress on this whole thing called general AI or where we’re good in AI and say hey invent for me special relativity or string theory it’s totally in the infancy. the reason why I want to emphasize is I see the concerns and I want to acknowledge them but if I were to think about one thing I would ask myself the question what if we can take anything repetitive and make ourselves a hundred times as efficient. it so turns out 300 years ago we all worked in agriculture and didn’t farming and did repetitive things. Today, 75% of us worked in offices and do repetitive things, we’ve become spreadsheet monkeys. And not just low-end labour, we’ve become dermatologists doing repetitive things lawyers doing repetitive things, I think we’re at the brink of being able to take an AI and look over our shoulders and they make us maybe 10 or 50 times as effective in this repetitive things.“

Artificial Intelligence urge humans to think creatively, cause that’s what we have that AI didn’t. instead of replacing human, AI makes us stronger. AI is like a tool in which human don’t have to do repetitive things over and over again, it ease humans job, liberates us from doing repetitive things, and replace it with more efficient and faster systems. Believe it or not, through technologies we’ve become “Super Human”, quote from Sebastian Thrun :

“We can swim across the Atlantic in 11 hours, we can take a device of our pocket and shout all the way to Australia and in real time have the person shouting back to us, that’s physically not possible, we breaking the rules of physics. if this when this is said and done, you’re going to remember everything we ever said and seen, you’re going to remember every person, which is good for me as my early stages of Alzheimer, we will probably have enough IQ of 1000 or more, there will be no more spelling classes for kids because there’s no spelling issue anymore there’s no math issue anymore and I think what really will happen is we can be super creative and we are, we are creative, it’s our secret weapon”

So although humans labours will getting lost, human will still capable to do more than those repetitive things. The goal is to rise humans to a new level of empowerment and discovery, and made a better future through technology. And by the help of AI, we believe we could achieve those things like no one could ever done before in the history of mankind.

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