Will Artificial Intelligence Replaces Human in Jobs? – Willson Haryanto

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Artificial Intelligence simply can be define as a term for a  machine that simulates intelligence. AI is programmed or trained to “think” and even “act” like a human. The ideal purpose of AI is to achieve a specific goal and complete tasks. Some examples of AI applications in our real life, such as AI that play games, AI that can ride a car, AI that can diagnose cancer, and many others. One of the AI that play games is the AlphaGo AI that beat Lee Sedol by 4 -1 win. Beside of that, AI also can solve many problems, AI can recognize things and object, AI can do math calculation, and even an AI can pass an university entrance exam.

            Until now, many controversy take over Artificial Intelligence, one of the biggest fear is that, if AI is continuous to highly developed, human will not be able to keep up, and all of the works can be done by an AI. Or maybe even worst, there are some opinions that say AI is dangerous because one day it will take over the world with its intelligence and self learning capability.

 Why these controversy occur? It is because AI is unpredictable, AI can learn anything itself, can do anything, can solve any problems, AI is faster than human, and many others capabilities. But there is one thing that AI can’t do, “Understanding”. AI can learn, can process, but it can’t really understand it, as example AI sees an images as a matric, as lines of code. AI learn by data, AI solve problem by searching and optimizing but human can really understand and feel it.­

            As a comparison, we go back to the time before 1900, where there is almost no modern technologies, no phone, no car, no camera, no television , and many other things. And now? We can see that all of the traditional things that we used in our past life have been replaced by modern technology, television replaced live theatre, phone replaced post mail, online news replaced newspaper, manual calculation and human errors replaced by computer and many others things being replaced. Did all the modern technologies and inventions that we have now take or replace our jobs? The answer is “no”.

            It is the same as Artificial Intelligence, it just a part of modern technologies that going to replace all the traditional things in our current life. With AI, our life will gets better, our world with gets better, AI can help doctors to diagnose disease, AI will help us to drive so that we didn’t need to do the repetitive useless activities. With the help of AI, we have more time to use our mind to think out a better innovative idea, we can save many time, many effort, many money, and with all the things that we saved, we can do many better tasks, more innovative tasks, more matter things, and finish more important tasks.

            With all of those great things, Why many people still resist AI and state that with the appearance of AI, people will lose their jobs ? The main problem itself is on the people. In fact, human is very competitive, if the right push is given to us, we definitely will get a better innovative idea, and surprass our limit. If AI takes our jobs, we should have find a better jobs, a better problems to solve and to work on. So as a human, we have to never stop finding a new way.

            As a simple example, AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol, what it means?, It definitely push Lee Sedol to do more much better and push him to improve more than before. If we respond to the appearance of AI correctly and competitively, we will definitely improve ourself to be better, we will create more innovate jobs, get more innovative ideas, and all of the boring repetitive jobs that we do everyday will be replaced by AI, and we can challenging ourselves to be more innovative and creative.

            So, will AI really takes our jobs and make us jobless? I guess you already know the answer. AI definitely is the future of this world. With AI, our life will be more comfortable, our world will be better, more people will be help by AI, more brilliant ideas will pop up, more challenges will come to us, and maybe we will create more employment areas. So, never resist AI before we really think about it, we have to keep improving, not just stay still.


Nice article Willson. Keep the good work!

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